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SIFIC/CISR retorts

The company "Balt Carbon” produces and installs SIFIC/CISR retorts using the leading technology of charcoal production – LAMBIOTTE (Belgium). The SIFIC/CISR retorts produce 2,000 to 6,000 tons of charcoal a year, depending on their dimensions. They are very easy to operate. They can process the wood of any quality and type. The company developed the technical solution of the simultaneous production of electrical and thermal energy on basis of the CISR 2000 retort.

Our project:

Charcoal production in Livani (Latvia)

The key features of the charcoal, produced by Lambiotte technology
carbon content 82-90%
ash content less than 2%
humidity 3-4%
fraction size 20-80mm
The quality of charcoal meets the strict standards of DIN+ (Germany), EN 18606 –2 (France) and GOST 7657-84 (Russia).