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The main activities of the “Balt Carbon” company:

  • Manufacturing and installation of equipment for the charcoal production - SIFIC/CISR LAMBIOTTE retorts
  • Start-up and adjustment works, staff training
  • Production of electrical and thermal energy in cogeneration mode
  • Development of new bioenergetics technologies.

The specialists of company have been dealing with charcoal production since 1994.

The company received the financing from the structural funds of the European Union in 2009 (Agreement No.TAT/ for the implementation of the large-scale project regarding the establishment of charcoal production in Latvia.

Balt Carbon Ltd. is developing two plants for producing charcoal with simultaneous electricity production:

The plant in Kaplava (Eastern Latvia) – the capacity is 2,000 t of charcoal per year and 250 KW of electricity production capacity.

The plant in Ugale (Western Latvia) – the capacity is 8,000 t of charcoal and 1000 KW of electricity production capacity.


We welcome investors, wholesalers and producers of charcoal to co-operation!

Lambiotte Carbonization Technology Representation Lambiotte Carbonization Technology Representation